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Register Today For The MTA-NYC Transit Development Team’s Public Workshops

The MTA-NYC Transit’s Queens Bus Network Redesign Team has announced a series of public briefings to present the release of a New Draft Plan for the Queens Bus Network Redesign. The plan aims to revitalize the Queens Bus Network and improve travel for thousands of New Yorkers. The first briefing was held March 31st.

Starting in April, the MTA-NYC Transit development team is hosting 14 public workshops about the New Draft Plan. There will be one workshop for each district in Queens. The workshops will not only serve to inform residents about the changes proposed in the new plan but also allow them to comment, question, and raise their concerns.

You can find the dates and districts that will be covered here. All workshops will be held via Zoom from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. While it is highly encouraged that residents attend workshops in their respective districts, one may attend any workshop that fits with their schedule. Interpretative language services will also be available. Additional language interpreters will be available for residents who submit a registration form five days before the workshop they plan on attending.

You can register for the virtual workshop here. You can also join your virtual workshop at https://mta.zoom.us/j/86541509211?pwd=Qk5MZUpZa2k2SmRBMldtRUVmZnVzUT09.


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