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More on Mortgage and rent in the COVID 19 era

After reading OANA’s piece on Mortgage Forbearance, BISNOW a Real Estate Publication reached out to our President, Richard Khuzami. They published an article, titled: Mom and Pop Landlords: We are in danger of going Bankrupt without Help”, which brings to light the issues that are facing small landlords during the COVID 19 crisis.

We appreciate the opportunity to share our issues with the general public.

Forbearance of mortgages, taxes, utilities, and insurance is directly related to the deferring of tenant’s rents. They must work together to complement each other, so the economic consequences of COVID 19 does fall equitably on all. This can only be accomplished by shortfalls being replenished by the government and/or banks.

Healthy housing is depended all parties being kept financially whole. We look forward to our elected officials addressing this important issue as soon as possible.

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