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Media coverage: Astoria Park Pool Closing

The Parks Department will meet with the public on March 8th at 6:30 PM during a virtual meeting sponsored by the Old Astoria Neighborhood Association (OANA). Please click here to view the meeting. You can also ask questions by chat.

The media has also reached out to the community for comments on the renovations, including OANA President Richard Khuzami.

Channel 5 News
Queens Chronicle

The Astoria Park Pool is undergoing badly needed renovations. The 87-year-old Robert Moses developed pool, in its opening year hosted the Olympic Trials in 1936, and has been one of Queens prime recreational facilities since.

The pool has been kept open to all, especially as it has free admission, and our entire community, regardless of age or economic status, has enjoyed its use, especially during the hot “concrete” summers we all have had to endure.

The renovation is supposed to be finished in time for a reopening during the 2024 season. We truly hope and trust that this goal is met. The pool is too important to everyone Our seniors need a place to meet and have much-needed exercise, have group events,  and cool down while staying within their budgets.

Also, our youth, who also need a place to hang out and keep busy on hot summer days. An alternative to the street corner!

We are told that the Pool Tub and Mechanicals will be replaced. This still leaves the lockers, showers, and upper terrace to be renovated.

This is the latest in a series of renovations that have completely transformed Astoria Park in the last 5 years! Astoria Park was granted Anchor Park status in 2018, and this has resulted in new running tracks, playground, and extensive work on ground erosion control. They also incorporated the pool’s spray showers Into the playground, which will still be available during this upcoming pool renovation.

Again, we urge the completion of this renovation by May 2024…..The pool is too important to our local quality of life. This needs to be a priority for the City!!!!!!!!!!

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