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Halletts Point Traffic Circulation Changes

At the May OANA meeting, Keith Dumanski from the Durst Organization gave us a valuable update on the traffic circulation changes that will be happening as Phase 2 of the Halletts Point Development project gets under way.

The traffic changes will be as follows: (Letters correspond with letters on map)

A. 1st Street between 26th Avenue and 27th Avenue is fully closed to traffic and both sidewalks will be fully closed to pedestrians;

B. 26th Avenue between 1st Street and 2nd Street will be fully closed to traffic Pedestrian access to Whitey Ford Field (Hellgate Field Park) will be maintained on the northern sidewalk;

C: 2nd Street between 26th Avenue and 27th Avenue will be converted from a two-way runway to one-way southbound. The west sidewalk adjacent to the Halletts Point construction site will be fully closed;

D. The bicycle routes on the altered roads will be diverted to 3rd Street between 26th Avenue and 27th Avenue and to 26th Avenue between 2nd Street and 3rd Street;

E. 4th Street between 26th Avenue and 27th Avenue will be converted from a two-way road to a one-way road northbound.

The Durst Organization is coordinating traffic circulation changes with the DOT and MTA and coordinating with the Parks Department so that Whitey Ford Field remains accessible. All signage should be up reflecting the circulation changes by the end of the week of June 10. Durst will work to ensure that the inconvenience to local residents and businesses is minimized as much as possible. If you do experience any issues due to the street closures and re-routings, please don’t hesitate to contact OANA.

Courtesy of the Durst Organization

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