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Community Board Applications Open Up

QUEENS, NY —Applications for serviced on local Community Boards are now being accepted. The city charter directs the borough president to appoint all community board members in that borough, though half are nominated by local City Council representatives.

“Civic engagement is a hallmark of our borough and city governance is only strengthened by the residents across Queens who make their voices heard and represent their neighborhoods and communities,” Sharon Lee, acting Borough President said in a statement.

“Government is more effective and accountable when it works in close partnership with active, dedicated residents and relies on them for their insights and broad expertise,” she added.

What do community board members do?

New York City’s 59 community boards each hold monthly meetings with all their members and have committees that address specific issues. Each board has up to 50 members.

Local land use and zoning issues, the city budget, and restaurant liquor licenses are examples of issues they advise the city and state government on. They also put together prioritized lists of both Capital Projects and operational expense items for their district.

The upcoming round of community board members will serve two-year terms starting Monday, April 1, 2020. Members do not get paid.

The membership application is available online at queensbp.org/community-boards.

To be eligible, you must be a New York City resident over the age of 16 and live, work or have “a professional or other significant interest” in that community board’s district.

The deadline for prospective and current members to submit completed, signed and notarized applications to the Borough President’s office is Friday, Jan. 31, 2020.

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