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CHPE & Hydropower in NYC

OANA recently hosted an open-house featuring CHPE, the company responsible for the regional project to bring hydropower to New York City.

About the Project

A 339-mile underground and underwater transmission line will be constructed from the Canadian border to Astoria, delivering 1250 MW of clean hydro power to the NYC grid. The project, scheduled to start at the end of May 2024 and conclude in spring 2025, will provide 20% of New York City’s power, enough to supply energy to 1 million homes. It will significantly reduce emissions by 3.9 million metric tons, which is equivalent to removing 44% of the cars from NYC streets. In Astoria, the line will be buried in roadways over a stretch of slightly over 3 miles, down Shore Blvd, 14th street, Broadway, and Vernon Blvd. utilizing standard urban utility construction techniques. This should begin this Summer, and take about a year. 

Below is a video covering some of the discussions that took place.

Learn more

Visit chpexpress.com to learn more.

Photo Gallery

Photo credit: Mark from avsprod.com

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