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Astoria Pool Update

Repairs to the Astoria Park Pool are progressing as planned, with the facility expected to be available for use this summer. The significance of the pool, recognized as the largest public pool in NYC, enhances the quality of life for Astoria residents.

The Olympic-sized swimming pool is undergoing major improvements, including the installation of a new liner, deck, and filtration systems.

Astoria Park has seen several upgrades in recent years, such as the renovation of the track, soccer field, and playground. Additionally, the Great Lawn, known for hosting various events, is slated for comprehensive refurbishment soon.

Further renovations are anticipated for the Pool Terrace and locker rooms, underlining the ongoing enhancement of the park’s facilities.

Astoria Park stands as a testament to the community’s pride, acknowledged as one of NYC’s premier parks and recreational areas, and has been designated as Queens’ anchor park by Mayor Bill DeBlasio.

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