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All-Way Stop Signs Are Up At 18th St and Astoria Park South


The New Stop Signs are UP!!!!

We appreciate the fast action on the part of the DOT in installing the All Way Stop Signs at 18th St. and Astoria Park South.

All Way Stop Signs at 18th St. and Astoria Park South

Their fast actions once the signs were approved (That took one year) shows a renewed interest in the safety of everyone in the neighborhood.

No longer do you need to take a chance every time you want to enter Astoria park to the Track and Soccer Field.

ATTN ALL DRIVERS: The New Signs are up: No more rolling through the intersection!!!!! Please!!!

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Mr. Khuzami has been a member of Community Board 1 in Astoria, NY for the last 20 years. He sits on the Zoning and parks Committees and is on the Executive Board. Previously, he served as Parks and Culture chair of Community Board 1 for eleven years and also chaired Capital and Expense priority Committee. He is a member of the Queens General Assembly and had been a panelist for grant submissions for the Queens Council on the Arts (QCA). Richard also is an officer of The Eastern Mediterranean Business Culture Alliance (EMBCA) and President of OANA.

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