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Whitey Ford Field March Cleanup Recap

The Old Astoria Neighborhood Association organized with Friends of Whitey Ford Field their first Spring event of the year at Whitey Ford Field on 26th Avenue and 2nd Street.

Fifteen volunteers showed up on a cold and overcast day to perform a little cleanup at the field. Volunteers from Astoria Sports and Frank Sinatra School of the Arts were joined by auxiliaries and community officers from the NYPD 114th Pct.

Cleanup at Whitey Ford Field
Photo Neil Herdan L-R (Frank Sinatra students Dominick Koziol, Noah Vasquez; Dan Pubblo -baseball coach; Auxiliary Police officer, Monet Davis, PO Dalia Zapparata with four officers 114 Pct., and Phyllis Sharp. Bottom left Raphael Schweizer)

At the request of the NYC Department of Parks, with the support of Partnership for Parks, soil that accumulated over the winter, especially around the dugout, was removed. Baseball and softball seasons start at the beginning of April, and the Parks Department is heavily involved in preparing all the fields in Queens.

We want to thank the staff at Brooklyn Harvest Market for preparing a nice spread of fruits, muffins, doughnuts, and coffee. OANA member and volunteer Phyllis Sharp brought us doughnuts from Dough Astoria. We thank her for her generosity.

Whitey Ford Field is the oldest sports field in Astoria and was built between 1905 and 1906. It’s the birthplace of Astoria and was named after the legendary Yankee pitcher Charles Edward Ford in August 2000. Frank Sinatra High School, Queens Lighted Softball Association, and Astoria Sports use the field from April through November. The Old Astoria Neighborhood advocates for two dog runs to help keep dog owners off the field. Friends of Whitey Ford Field is advocating for more leagues to play at the ballpark, as well as cultural events, such as movie nights and poetry recitals, weekly open street community gatherings, and a farmer’s market on the grounds adjacent to the ballpark.

Neil Herdan is an Astoria resident as well as co-chair of Friends of Whitey Ford Field.

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