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Trash Containerization Mandate Information Sessions

The latest in the city’s reforming of sanitation rules is the requirement for containerization of trash by food based commercial businesses. This is another step with the goal of improvement of quality of life, including reduction of the rodent population , plus containing the pungent smells of trash on the streets especially in the summer, and reducing the threat of garbage strewn all over our streets and sidewalks from broken plastic garbage bags.Click here for the actual statute, including who is affected and how to comply.

Note:This requirement does not apply to other recyclables (metal, glass, plastic, or paper) or to businesses that have waste collected from a loading dock.

This rule DOES NOT require the separation of trash and organics, only the use of containers for collection. However, some businesses are required to separate their organic waste. If your business meets the minimum requirements, you must comply with the NYC Commercial Organics Rules.

There will also be seminars hosted by DSNY.

Please see the schedule from the NYC Hospitality Alliance. Please attend if you are in the food based economy, as this goes into effect on August 1st.

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