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Thanks for civic engagement

Councilman Costa Constantinides joined OANA’s Richard Khuzami in thanking the congregation of the Family Church in Old Astoria for their service in volunteering for the street clean-up which helped lead to street cleaning in Old Astoria.

Pastor Lucas Izidoro, Victor Prado and the members of the Family Church along with OANA President Richard Khuzami, Vice President Kevin Hernandez were instrumental in the clean-up. We totaled 90 volunteers representing many different organizations picking up over 200 bags of garbage from the streets of Old Astoria in just a few hours. Because of the coverage from NY1, the whole city became aware of our plight. We have been trying for 20 years to get this quality of life service instituted. With the support of our Councilman Costa Constantinides and DSNY Commissioner, Nichole Garcia street cleaning commenced on our street on September 16th.

OANA Certificate of Achievement
OANA Certificate of Achievement


Both The Family Church and OANA are committed to improving the quality of life in Old Astoria, and we are looking to working together, along with other groups and individuals in the neighborhood to make this a reality. This is just the first step in the journey to making Old Astoria the best of Western Queens!

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