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Queens Community Board 1 Exec’s Meet with the neighborhoods first legal retail cannabis dispensary owner

Queens Community Board 1’s Executive Board recently met with the first holder of a license to open a retail cannabis dispensary in our district. The store will be located at 32-60 Steinway St., previous site of Lucille Roberts Fitness.

OANA President Richard Khuzami sits on this board, and his questioning focused on neighborhood safety (Response: Sidewalk Security), what role the proprietor of the establishment has on maintaining the physical and mental health of their customers, and are they responsible not to sell products to inebriated an/or substance abusing clients (Response: They will refuse too sell to customers if warranted) , and how is the purity and safety of the product sold guaranteed (NYS has a seed to store shelf program of inspection and control).

Another important subject discussed was marketing and packaging, and how to keep our children safe.

The new permit holder also owns the Astoria Pets. (which will be adversely affected by a recent ban by the State Legislature regarding sale of animals.)

Also, while not on this meeting’s agenda, there was also a discussion on the proliferation of non-permitted Marijuana outlets.

To view a video of the meeting, please go to youtube. This video includes the responses of the permit holder to questioning by Board Members (Including Mr Khuzami).

Also, to see newspaper articles on this meeting, please see:

Astoria Post

Queens Daily Eagle

The NYS Agency controlling the awarding of permits, and operation regulations, is the Cannabis Control Board.

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