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Pests and Mold Webinar (February 1st at 11 AM)

Please check out this important webinar titled Pests and Mold Webinar: An Owners’ Guide to Indoor Allergens Laws.

The training on the Asthma-Free Housing Act (Local Law 55 of 2018) focuses on educating New York City residential building owners about their duties to identify and mitigate indoor allergens like mice, rats, roaches, and mold, and addresses the annual inspection requirements, use of licensed contractors, and resolving HPD violations. It covers topics such as eradicating pest infestations, mold identification and removal techniques, understanding related city and state laws, compliance with annual notifications and inspections, including the Annual Bedbug Filing (Local Law 69 of 2017), and methods to rectify HPD violations related to Indoor Allergen Hazards.

For more information, check out our event here: https://oana-ny.org/events/pests-and-mold-webinar-an-owners-guide-to-indoor-allergens-laws/

Or register: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/4045727138559758423?utm_source=BenchmarkEmail&utm_campaign=February_2024_Webinar_Invitation&utm_medium=email

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