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On October 13th, the Old Astoria Neighborhood Association Adopted the following resolution on safety and security in Hallets Point.”

October 13, 2015


Historically Hallets Peninsula has always had the most violent crime in the 114th Precinct. Just recently, there were shooting within the Astoria Houses, gunplay on 2nd St and 27th Ave, a retired Port Authority Police Officer beat up for trying to stop thugs from endangering children, break-ins on 9th St, a murder on 12th St, dead body in Astoria Park, etc.

OANA is resolved to support Community Policing and CCTV Installation on Hallets Peninsula.

a)Establish a police substation within Hallets Peninsula

b) Establish foot and/or bike patrols within Hallets Peninsula. Only through direct personal contact through Foot and Bicycle patrols, (As in the NYPD’s “NCO” ) program) can the distrust between the Police and the Community they serve be eased. When there is separation as there is when Police Officers spend most of their time in Patrol cars, misconception and an “Us versus Them” mentality thrives.

c) We would propose at least a peninsula wide CCTV system, similar to what is already required by NYCHA be created, with a manned monitoring system accessible to NYCHA, NYPD, Citizen watch groups, Development Management, and elected officials. This hopefully can be a combination of public and private money. This can accomplish some of the same goals as “Stop and Frisk” provided without any possibility of discrimination.

Please note that the above resolution was also part of OANA’s testimony to City Agencies and Elected Officials during the Astoria Cove URLURP.

Richard Khuzami: President
Kevin Hernandez: Vice President
Diane Kontzoglou: Treasurer

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