Albany Gives NYC Design Build Authority

Rendering of the new Kosciuszko Bridge

The highlight of this years NYS Legislative session, which OANA has supported over the years, is the authorization to allow NYC capital projects to be built under “Design Build” standards.

This streamlines the process, allowing an entity to control both the design and construction.

This will reduce redundancies, and historically has caused many projects to be built ahead and schedule and below budget! City Agencies Get Design Build Authority

OANA’s previous positions on this are expressed as follows: Is Design Build the Answer to NYC Capital project Woes? and NYS State wants NYC to use design-build.

Recent examples of State-run capital projects that came in below budget and ahead of schedule are the Mario Cuomo Bridge and the Kosciuszko Bridge.

With this authority, we hope that city capital projects can finally be constructed with budgets that make fiscal sense. And built in a timely fashion so all citizens can enjoy these needed improvements.

One of the chief issues with the development of our neighborhoods has been the needed infrastructure improvements. This will give the City a much-needed tool to make sure our quality of life is not compromised but instead is enhanced by the inevitable development we will experience.


Photo: Wikipedia


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