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David Burgoa of NHS of Queens Presentation – Jobs at the New LaGuardia Airport

During the last OANA meeting on April 14th, we were privileged to a presentation by David Burgoa of the Neighborhood Housing Service of Queens.(NHS of Queens). Many of you may have missed this important presentation because it was at the end of 2 hours.

Therefore, we wanted to reintroduce this segment to everyone who
1. Has an interest in housing issues, especially tenant rights, and help with first-time ownership of a building. We at OANA hope as many as possible purchase buildings AND LIVE IN THEM. Nothing is more destructive to a neighborhood than absentee landlords, and nothing will revitalize a neighborhood more than Owner Occupied buildings. Residents need to care, and nothing encourages such caring than ownership!

2. Is looking for meaningful employment: Jobs at the New LaGuardia Airport. If you live in Community Districts 1,2,3,or 4 NHS is contracted by the LaGuardia Partnership to fill positions at the airport in most facets of their operations. This is a great opportunity, especially as our Airports are our largest employers. Check it out

We hope you all find this of interest, and it helps with guidance in 2 of life’s most important facets: Jobs and Housing!

Watch the April OANA meeting presentation from David Burgoa of the Neighborhood Housing Service of Queens.

Mr. Khuzami has been a member of Community Board 1 in Astoria, NY for the last 20 years. He sits on the Zoning and parks Committees and is on the Executive Board. Previously, he served as Parks and Culture chair of Community Board 1 for eleven years and also chaired Capital and Expense priority Committee. He is a member of the Queens General Assembly and had been a panelist for grant submissions for the Queens Council on the Arts (QCA). Richard also is an officer of The Eastern Mediterranean Business Culture Alliance (EMBCA) and President of OANA.

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