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Check Out Art Fair 14C’s Inaugural Residency Program!

We’re thrilled to announce that Art Fair 14C is launching a new residency for emerging artists.The program is designed to nurture the creative spirits of artists in the early phases of their careers and will be 1 to 2 years long.

What’s will the residency offer?

Between 150 and 240 artists will have the chance to not only reside but also create in a dynamic space. Think about working in a place where every corner inspires, surrounded by peers who share your passion for the arts.

The Residency 14C program is more than just a space to work and live. It’s a hub for growth and exposure. Participants will benefit from mentorship programs, exhibition opportunities, performance spaces, and a range of professional development activities.

The program kicks off in June 2024, with the pre-application questionnaire deadline being due before March 1st.

Want more information? Visit https://artfair14c.com/residency or email residency@artfair14c.com.

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