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Outdoor Dining Revisited: New Streetery Designs

The New York City Department of Transportation has unveiled a transformative pilot program designed to redefine the outdoor dining scene across the city, including Astoria. This new approach uses modular, customizable structures, and aims to replace the temporary dining sheds that have become a staple in commercial areas. Crafted by design firm WXY and produced by SITU, these state-of-the-art streeteries are engineered to improve aesthetic appeal, enhance safety, and increase functionality. The designs feature adjustable stilts and thick aluminum walls to accommodate the unique challenges of urban settings, such as sloped streets and busy corners, ensuring a safer dining environment.

In addition, the program’s emphasis on customization and seasonal flexibility allows businesses to align their outdoor spaces with their brand identity, while addressing safety and urban design challenges. As NYC embraces these innovative streeteries, the initiative is poised to enrich the neighborhood’s culinary scene, enhance the streetscape, and invigorate the community’s outdoor dining culture in the post-pandemic world.

So far, 4 restaurants have installed these new designs. If you see any around, please share on social media and tag us in comments! We we will happy to repost.

If you want to sign up for the program, please see these requirements: https://www.diningoutnyc.info/rules

To apply, visit this link: https://www.diningoutnyc.info/apply

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