Permits filed for Building on Hallets Peninsula

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Last year, we reported on the sale of property on 4th street on Hallets Peninsula. The new owner has been issued permits for a new 7 story building on this site.

As per the Astoria Post article, his “plans with the Department of Buildings are for a 7-story, 99-unit, residential building on 4th Street, between 26th and 27th Avenue, in Astoria.

The proposed building, to be located at 26-28 4th St, would be 77 feet tall and would have an area of 99,242 square feet.

The building, which is currently a storage warehouse, would also contain an enclosed parking lot with 50 spaces and a backyard that stretches back 77 feet.”

This is the latest in the transformation of Hallets Peninsula (Outside of Astoria Houses) from primarily industrial to mixed use residential.


Photos by Richard Khuzami: Note the Furdt Halley’s point Bldg number 1 in Background


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