Development recap: Old Astoria

Development recap: Old Astoria

The following developments are in the pipeline for the Old Astoria and surrounding Neighborhood!

All of these are all As of Right. This means they do not require a zoning change. They are building within the existing zoning requirements.

Because of this, they are not required to provide Affordable Housing. Affordable Housing is only mandated by the city as a requirement when a Zoning Change is requested by the Developer. (Though in this case, AKI Development, developer of 23-71 31st st is indeed providing 30% Affordable Housing by choice. We have no up to date info one way or the other on the other rental developments)

Remember, a very important aspect of an approved zoning change is the creation of Mandatory Rent Stabilized (In Perpetuity) Affordable Housing. Not required with As of Right development.

Permits filed for 23-71-31st street Ditmars Steinway

15 story hotel at 37-10-10th street Long Island City

Developers plan 17 unit residential building Astoria waterfront

Residential development in Astoria at 37-01-30th street

6 story building with apartments fitness studio planned for 32nd st.


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